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Preservation FAQ's

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Product Description

Frequently Asked Questions Q: HOW LONG DOES THE PRESERVATION PROCESS TAKE? A: We generally require 12-16 weeks to fully process an order. However, since Covid there have been occasional supply chain delays for gold, frames and resin. In this case your preservation completion will take longer than the typical processing times. There are occasions where it can take up to 6 months plus. Floral preservation is not a quick process and it does require the alignment of several factors before completion occurs. We know your flowers are incredibly important and special to you. This is why we do not rush the process. Please do not order your preservations with a due date (such as a birthday, anniversary or holiday) in mind. Q: IS PAYMENT DUE WHEN I PLACE MY ORDER? A: We require a deposit of at least 50% of your orders total at the time it is placed. The remaining balance is due when the order is picked up. If we are shipping the florals, the full balance and shipping costs are due prior to return shipment from Hannah's. ​ Q: HOW SHOULD MY FLOWERS BE DELIVERED TO HANNAH'S ​A: Flowers can be dropped off during business hours. Our Address is 1543 Washington Street, Midland MI 48640. We are open Monday-Friday 8:30am-6:00pm and Saturday from 8:30am-3:00pm. If you are shipping your florals, please visit our shipping tab for more information. If you are having your florals dropped off by a third party, please contact our shop to make arrangements and pay deposit. Q: HOW LONG AFTER MY EVENT DO I HAVE TO GET FLOWERS DELIVERD? A:Fresh flowers should be brought in as soon as possible. The quicker we get can them in, the better we can control their drying to retain as much of their color and integrity as possible. Though we prefer to receive your flowers the day after your event, 2-3 days is the typical window for drop off. Please call for more options if needed Q: WILL MY FLOWERS LOOK DIFFERENT WHEN THEY DRY? A: Yes. Though we take every step possible to minimize fading, darkening, or browning when drying your flowers, flower preservation is the act of removing all of the water and life force from your flowers. Your preservation will beautiful when they are completed and they will change in the following ways: Color changes freshness is the largest impact of color retention, though it does not always dictate the finished product. Dark florals will get darker, light florals will antique a little to a lot depending on prior care and quality of the flower. White flowers can stay white, they can antique to a light beige.Lavender flowers often turn lighter if they are a true lavender or to a taupe pallet. Coral flowers may stay coral or they may turn to a more taupe pallet. Greenery is often pretty true to color Jewel tones tend to hold color longest Q: WILL MY PRESERVATION CHANGE COLOR OVER TIME? A: Yes. Your preservation will antique over time. The biggest color changes are going to be in the first two years. This is part of the fun! Your flowers were once living things. They are made of cells and it is their natural way to fade. No matter who you have preserve them, or how you preserve them, this will happen to some extent. Here is what to expect: Dried Flowers will fade most quickly. Some of your flowers may turn taupe or beige and then others with darker pigments may not noticeably change at all. Greenery will fade to a lighter shade of green or green blue or beige depending on what type of greenery it is. Resin Castings will hold the color much longer than shadow boxes or pressings. Though resin will store UV light and yellow over time if exposed. This should be a long process, but it can happen if the piece is able to absorb sunlight. Preservation is not for you if you are seeking for your florals to permanently hold their color. Though your flowers may hold the majority of their color if the flowers selected are ideal, they will most likely fade. Floral preservation is not freezing your flowers in time, though some people claim it is, they will change. We like to think of it more as a way of celebrating or remembering a moment. It can be very romantic to watch your flowers antique with time Q: ARE THERE ANY FLOWERS THAT WOULD NOT BE GOOD FOR PRESERVATION? A: The short answer to this is no. We have different methods of preserving different flowers, but are limited by the condition of the flowers brought in. We will happily discuss options for flowers brought in passed their prime, and can even attempt to replace flowers for a small fee. Q: WHAT HAPPENS TO LEFT OVER FLOWERS? A: We use the most beautiful of your blooms for your preservation piece which often leaves any leftover material as scrap, which is discarded.

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Substitution Policy

When you order custom designs, they will be produced as closely as possible to the picture. Please remember that each design is custom made. No two arrangements are exactly alike and color and/or variety substitutions of flowers and containers may be necessary. Prices and availability of seasonal flowers may vary.

Our professional staff of floral designers are always eager to discuss any special design or product requests. Call us at the number above and we will be glad to assist you with a special request or a timed delivery.